Economic Reality-Gas Prices and Budget Challenges

When:  Oct 3, 2022 from 14:00 to 15:15 (ET)
Session #1 of Series - Whether continuing or new to McNair, there are key considerations for the program and your students right now.  The current economic reality is a huge concern, especially for those that work with low-income and first-generation individuals.  When people are spending more on gas and food, finding funds for grad school is really tough. The series addresses these questions.  1) How can grads survive gas and budget challenges? 2) How do you prepare for the APR ahead of the APR years that count? 3) How can we plan for the future?  4) What are the variety of modalities – hybrid, virtual, or in-person – that are now working successfully with students?  5) What is the latest on preparation and use of the GRE for admissions?  6) How can students be connected to fellowships, funding and McNair Scholars that are now faculty as a resource? A montage of scholars now faculty and prior presentations by Graduate Deans will be provided as a free resource for SSS and McNair student participants.