Talent Search Commercial: Recruitment in the Time of Covid

When:  Oct 1, 2020 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM (ET)
Did you experience problems last year recruiting and serving students as a result of COVID-19 obstacles? Are you struggling to raise awareness of your TRIO program and frustrated that not everyone knows how great your project is? If you answered yes, you need a digital marketing and media solution to connect, elevate, and position your project for success.  This pandemic mandates that we shift our thinking and approach to identifying, selecting, and serving students.  During this webinar, participants will be instructed how to better reach prospective and current participants through digital marketing and media campaigns.  Dr. Jonathan McKenzie, Chief Executive Officer of the Family Centered Educational Agency, will serve as the presenter.  Dr. McKenzie possesses over 32 years of TRIO training experience.  He has also consulted with numerous colleges and universities, non-profit agencies, school systems, and faith-based organizations.  You don't want to miss this session.